Topics need to catch up with

1. survival model:

2. Basic statistics in R:

3. Time series

4. Useful personal website:



Regression Diagnostics in R

Regression diagnostics:

How to do it in R? ->



Questions to think about

  1. Positive correlation but negative coefficient in regression?


  2. How To Determine If A Sample Is Representative

    Example: search engine queries: Evaluating the retrieval effectiveness of Web search engines using a representative query sample

  3. Statistical test to tell whether two samples are pulled from the same population?

    Summary:  Summary of Statistical Tests

Misc to read

How to pick good metrics:
4 Business Metrics You Can’t Afford to Ignore
Measuring What Matters: How To Pick A Good Metric
The Lean Analytics Cycle: Metrics > Hypothesis > Experiment > Act case study
Amazon’s business strategy and revenue model: A history and 2014 update
All the post from the author worth of reading.

Basic statistics
How to deal with multicollinearity when performing variable selection?
Logistic regression assumptions
Do your data violate linear regression assumptions? , Testing the assumptions of linear regression
One Sample z-Test for Proportions
A website that may help:
Linear mixed model implementation in lme4
Fitting multilevel models in complex survey data with design weights: Recommendations
Comparison of two multi-level models and Application of Winbugs