Statistically significance in A/B Testing

A/B Tests in Marketing – Sample Size and Significance using R

A/B Tests in Marketing – Sample Size and Significance using R

Hypothesis Test: Difference Between Proportions

G-test vs T-test, which is better for A/B testing?

Awell-known A/B test tutorial:

How do you determine what is “statistically significant” when looking at the results of an A/B test?

For better understanding, one should take course in statistical inference:


Topics need to catch up with

1. survival model:

2. Basic statistics in R:

3. Time series

4. Useful personal website:


Regression Diagnostics in R

Regression diagnostics:

How to do it in R? ->




Explaining Odds Ratios


Margin of Error

How to Calculate the Margin of Error

Margin Of Error Formula


Model Validation

Google: statistics model validation

How can I tell if a model fits my data?

Validation of predictive models


Questions to think about

  1. Positive correlation but negative coefficient in regression?


  2. How To Determine If A Sample Is Representative

    Example: search engine queries: Evaluating the retrieval effectiveness of Web search engines using a representative query sample

  3. Statistical test to tell whether two samples are pulled from the same population?

    Summary:  Summary of Statistical Tests